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At the national level, FIMBA representatives are of particular importance for maxi basketball players wishing to participate in a FIMBA event, as the registration of a national team for a competitive event will only be accepted by FIMBA with the approval of the relevant FIMBA national representative present. According to its external representation, the "Federación Internacional de Maxibasquetbol" is managed by an 'International Board' chaired by the President of FIMBA. The organization of an event is transferred from the "Federación Internacional de Maxibasquetbol" to a national organizer. FIMBA representatives bring national teams together in delegations and lead them during an event. Sources see article 'FIMBA Maxibasketball'. Members of FIBA ​​committees do not work for FIMBA. The operationally active organization supports and promotes the maxi basketball movement worldwide, without being represented or recognized as a sports association for leisure sports among the members of the Olympic movement. The structure of the "Federación Internacional de Maxibasquetbol", like internationally active top sports associations, has no national associations as members. The FIMBA – "Federación Internacional de Maxibasquetbol" was founded on August 21, 1991. The eight best-placed clubs in the previous Bundesliga season received a bye in round 1. The games took place on August 25th and 26th, 2012.

The IZOD INDYCAR World Championships at Las Vegas at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, was held on October 16, 2011 and was originally scheduled to have a distance of 200 laps of 2.485 km, for a total distance of 496.965 km is equivalent to. The first Italian championship took place on August 8th. May 1898 in Turin. In 1991, crystal palace jersey 2023/24 the first global tournament in Argentina was held in Buenos Aires by Argentine organizers. The Federación Internacional de Maxibasquetbol (FIMBA) is a basketball association based in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Until 2004 Freund was vice president of the players' union Association of Contract Football Players (VDV). The association of Liga ACB veterans of basketball players from 'Real Madrid Baloncesto' ('Leyendas Blancas – Asociación de Jugadores del Real Madrid de Baloncesto') is organized in an exemplary manner. In their role as former top players, they are not maxi basketball players. There are also three 'Regional Committees': 'FIMBA Europe', 'FIMBA America' and 'FIMBA Center-Caribbean', which do not have their own legal personality at a location in their region and are directly linked to FIMBA in Buenos Aires. The three US sports organizations are not in a competitive situation with FIBA. In order to meet the requirements of an international sports organization for recreational sports, FIMBA works internationally with a group of personalities, usually former basketball players or former basketball referees, who represent the interests of FIMBA as 'FIMBA Represents' in the countries in which they live.

Maxi basketball players are recreational or health athletes and not regular league players. Since FIMBA is not recognized as a sports organization with specific tasks, such as FISU – Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire or CISM – Conseil International du Sport Militaire, FIMBA does not belong to the SportAccord (before April 2009 General Association of International Sports Federations) or the IWGA – International World Games Association. There are also no legal or otherwise formal relationships of any kind with FIBA ​​- Fédération Internationale de Basketball or FIBA ​​America or one of the national member associations of basketball organized worldwide, not even with the 'Confederación Argentina de Basquet' (CABB). The "Federación Argentina de Maxibásquetbol" was founded in 1985, the state of Argentina had been democratic again since 1983. It developed from the "Unión Argentina de Veteranos de Básquetbol de la República", which had been active since 1969. Chelsea beat Dortmund 2-0 and made it through to the quarter-finals despite a 1-0 defeat in the first leg.

Thirty-two teams from seven other countries besides Argentina (Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Guatemala, Russia, Uruguay and USA) took part. Croatia (with 4), Lithuania (4), Germany (3), Czech Republic (3), Finland (2), Poland (2), Russia (2), Estonia, Italy, Latvia and Slovakia. All three actors also impersonated their characters in the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, TSV 1860 and the FC Bayern amateur team, who had been using the Giesingen stadium for decades, were not willing to change their venue, so Türkgücü even named stadiums in Würzburg and Burghausen as possible venues to the association. They act in their respective countries as representatives specifically commissioned by FIMBA in order to effectively promote their interests. As a rule, national representatives of FIMBA cannot rely on separate maxi basketball associations whose interests would coincide with the interests of FIMBA. The representatives of FIMBA in the individual countries are usually not democratically or otherwise legitimized as delegates by the community of the respective national maxi basketball players, as is generally the case in sports associations.

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